Hooser’s LG Campaign Gathering Momentum: Sierra Club’s Latest Endorsement

Amidst very public sparring between gubernatorial candidates Neil Abercrombie and Mufi Hannemann, the gathering momentum of some candidates’ campaigns for Lieutenant Governor is largely getting overlooked.  Yet there is a story to be told about what the endorsements mean in terms of what the position of Lieutenant Governor could augur for the state.

“Dissing the LG race and the candidates standing for it has become a sort of light political sport,” said Gary Hooser. “What is being overlooked—perhaps tragically—is how the lack of separation of church and state by the office of Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona these past eight years  has cost the people of Hawaii in terms of lost opportunity and the denial of equal rights for all,” he added. “I hope voters will give me the opportunity to show them what a community-friendly advocate the Lieutenant Governor could be,” he said.

Hooser’s grassroots advocacy and unmatched record  amongst the LG candidates for active support of education, the environment, labor and small business has drawn endorsements from the Hawaii State Teachers Association, the Hawaii Nurses Association, the Sierra Club, Local 5, The LGBT Caucus, Progressive Democrats and the Hawaii Chiropractic Association.

Each of these endorsements reflect the fact that when his support and energies were needed to advance the public interest and fight for education, equal rights, workers rights and the environment, Hooser stepped up to the challenge despite considerable political risk.

“I have never played it safe. I don’t think of politics as a sport but as a calling. I want to serve. I hope voters will give me a chance to do so,” he said.

Gary Hooser resigned his position as Senate Majority Leader to run for Lieutenant Governor 2010. He is the only one who can bring the experience of living on the Neighbor Islands to office.

One Response to “Hooser’s LG Campaign Gathering Momentum: Sierra Club’s Latest Endorsement”
  1. Esmarelda says:

    Very impressive indeed. I just sat down to read through this blog, and was impressed by the solid endorsements Gary’s received. Taking them as a whole, those endorsements tell us a lot about this man –

    HSTA, Hawaii Nurses Association, Unite Here local 5, Sierra Club, Progressive Democrats, GLBT Caucus…and who knows what’s next?

    When I see those remarkably varied entities strung together behind one candidate, I know that support from such a broad spectrum of organizations says something huge about the candidate they’ve chosen to endorse.

    Gary wil serve us all, honorably and well, all across the spectrum of our differing cultures, situations, and lives. That’s incredibly reassuring, isn’t it?

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