Letters — Regarding Gary Hooser For Lieutenant Governor

Dear editor:

This week all of us at Loomis-ISC, the 30-year-old integrated marketing agency in Honolulu had the pleasure of an unexpected visit from Big Island native and our much missed graphic designer, Shawn Carter. Shawn had moved to the Bay Area a couple of years ago. We were happy and proud to see Shawn looking well, happy and every bit the city professional who has not forgotten his roots.

Shawn’s letters in support of civil unions made news all over the islands a few months ago, having been picked up and published in several papers at the height of the effort to get HB444 passed. But Shawn is not a single issue voter.

He is steadfast in his support of Gary Hooser for lieutenant governor not just because Gary has spoken out on behalf of equality and justice for all. He has had the opportunity to get to know Gary Hooser, former senator and majority leader when the agency handled his bid for a Congressional seat a few years ago. Today, with Gary Hooser running for lieutenant governor, Shawn has no doubts about who will get his vote. “Gary is a good man. He understands ordinary people. No wonder ordinary people are supporting his campaign with small donations. It tells you who Gary stands for and who will most benefit from him becoming lieutenant governor,” said Shawn.

Continue reading the entire Letter to the Editor on Big Island Chronicle


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