If You Are Interested In Helping, Now Would Be A Good Time

YOU ARE INVITED TO VOLUNTEER NIGHT Wednesday June 16th 6-8PM Hooser for Lieutenant Governor Campaign Headquarters (1 King Street, on the corner of King & Nuuanu in downtown Honolulu) Free food, beverages, helpful information, activities, and share a sense fellowship with other supporters. “As we enter the middle of June, your help is needed now … Continue reading

Life, Liberty and Peanut Butter

by Monica Roberts I am a curious soul. When I recently met Senator Gary Hooser for the first time at a private party, I asked him a silly question….”What’s your favorite food Senator?” Much to my surprise, Gary grinned, flashed a quick smile and replied, “peanut butter. “ My instantaneous response was, “Excuse me, but … Continue reading

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