Mahalo all

Dear Friends and Supporters: So, why didn’t we win? Most would say that it was “all about the money”. The winner Brian Schatz raised and spent nearly twice the amount we did. The other two major contenders likewise raised and spent significantly more than we were able to. Our fundraising, while theoretically sufficient to be … Continue reading

Public Financing: we did it!

The Friends of Gary Hooser Campaign is the first to report to have reached the threshold for public financing!

Letters — Regarding Gary Hooser For Lieutenant Governor

Today, with Gary Hooser running for lieutenant governor, Shawn has no doubts about who will get his vote. “Gary is a good man. He understands ordinary people. No wonder ordinary people are supporting his campaign with small donations. It tells you who Gary stands for and who will most benefit from him becoming lieutenant governor,” said Shawn.

Hooser Earns Local 5 Endorsement

Today, Senator Hooser welcomed the endorsement of his candidacy by UNITE HERE! Local 5. This is a significant vote of confidence and support from a local labor organization representing over 10,500 hotel, health care, and food service workers throughout the State. Commenting on the endorsement, Hooser said, “I am thankful to the members of local 5 … Continue reading

Hooser Files for Lt. Gov. Race, Receives GLBT Group Endorsement

Campaign Press Release July 19, 2010 HONOLULU, HI – Former State Senate Majority Leader Sen. Gary Hooser, who resigned his Senate seat on Friday, officially filed as a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor today. After serving the 7th District of Kauai and Niihau for eight years, Hooser brings a unique neighbor island focus to an … Continue reading

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