Welcome to The Hooser Hui blog!

Inside this blog you’ll see, hear and read stories straight from the campaign trail to get Sen. Gary Hooser elected as Hawaii’s next Lieutenant Governor. The contributors to this blog are dedicated folks, volunteering their time and energy to get a good man in office.

You’ll get honest firsthand accounts about to why we’re helping Gary, and we hope that you’ll find a reason why you should too.

Below, I’ve shared an entry with just a few reasons why I’m in the Hooser Hui:

Campaign Trail Entry – June 21st, 2010:

I was reminded today of why I joined Senator Hooser’s Lt. Governor Campaign….

I came to Kailua-Kona on Sunday June 20th (Father’s Day) to be with my family, and stayed throughout the week in order to mobilize our Kailua-Kona team to campaign for Senator Hooser.

On my personal time, I decided to take my grandfather to surf in Waikoloa at our favorite surf spot. I found rather that the access trail we used to take had been developed on with five new luxury homes, all selling cheaper than the cost it took to build them.

On another day, I visited my favorite opai shrimp pond, only to find that an invasive fish had already eradicated what was once a rich pond full of red opai shrimp.

And on another day, I hiked a now-paved Waimea mudroad; upset that it was no longer a trail that led to the backside of Waipio Valley.

The first person I thought of calling about this was Senator Hooser. I quickly mentioned that our Kona campaign is back up and running, but that I still found disappointment in the changes I was seeing to my island home.

The only comfort I had at that moment while speaking with Senator Hooser about this was he knew and understood exactly what I was speaking of. Senator Hooser is the only neighbor island candidate who knows what rural Hawaii residents face. The severe effects of introducing one invasive plant or animal to our natural environment, the constant fight to slow down large developments on pristine agriculture lands, or new roads built to accommodate our human impact rather than humans accommodating the environment. These are all issues my family and I see everyday in the neighbor islands.

Speaking with many of the Big Island residents about these issues, and about how Senator Hooser is the only Lieutenant Governor candidate with a track record in working to solve these issues, the message from the Big Island was quite clear – Senator Hooser is our guy! I now look forward to working with our Big Island supporters to bring Senator Hooser into office in order to support our values and address our issues as neighbor islanders.

Kimo Carvalho
Campaign Manager


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